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This month, we are promoting the Homkred Organic Farmers’ group from the Sookjai Foundation. Patom’s co-founders established the Sookjai foundation 6 years ago at Sampran Riverside and now supports 130 families of organic farmers in Nakorn Pathom and neighboring provinces. 

There are 11 groups within the foundation that we source all of our produce from. The organic rice, vegetables and fruit at the Patom shop comes from all of their hard work. The Homkred group is known for their pomelos, which is the star of our seasonal products for September and October. This group also grows a lot of the local vegetables that we sell in Patom daily.

Members of the Homkred Organic Farmers’ Group

The Homkred group is only a 15-minute-drive from Sampran Riverside. Each month, farmers from the group meet up to share their knowledge and wisdom with each other.

When we joined in on their meeting, we heard tips from how to naturally filter water for plants, to how to control pests. A new prospective farmer asked the group how he can control ants on his coconut tree; a few moments later, Khun Jaan came back with a ta yang branch, which she uses to help keep insects at bay in her own farm.

Khun Jaan with the ta yang branch.

In the Homkred group, there are three farmers who are IFOAM certified; other members are in the process of their certification. The meeting also serves as a time for other farmers in the area to ask questions and to decide whether they are ready to join the group, and stop using chemicals on their farms.

Homkred farmers meeting

Once a farmer declares that they will stop using chemicals on their farm, it will take 6 months until they can start selling vegetables at the Sookjai Market at Sampran Riverside every weekend. Fruits take a longer time and takes 12 months before they can be sold at the market at the foundation’s standards. These months are a way for the chemicals from the plants and soil to clear out and return to its natural state. 

This is the first of many farmer group features that we will be writing about every other month. To learn more about our pomelo products this season, click here.