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No more plastic straws! At Patom, we are taking a stand against single-use plastic straws to reduce the amount of plastic that we use. Straws cannot be recycled; and globally, we use 60 million straws a day, all of which end up polluting our planet and killing our wildlife.

From now on, we will be offering our organic morning glory straws with our drinks.

The morning glory comes from the organic farmers from the Sookjai Foundation. We support the organic farmers by sourcing the morning glory directly from them. Our team thoroughly cleans and makes the straws daily. We are also practicing our zero-waste philosophy when it comes to making these morning glory straws. The leafy green part of the plant is used in our new Vegetable Organic Body Care line.

We hope that we will inspire many more restaurants and cafes in Bangkok to follow in this movement out of respect for our planet.