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The Bliss Foundation is organizing its 4th annual Bliss Festival, 15-17 December 2017 at Sampran Riverside, Nakorn Pathom.

The foundation has been driving an organic agriculture movement in Nakorn Pathom and neighboring provinces for the last 7 years locally known as the Sampran Model, a dynamic and sustainable business model linking organic farmers and consumers under fair trade and Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

Like all previous years, Bliss Festival is an annual gathering of people from all sectors involved in the Thai organic agriculture movement. There will be over 200 booths of exhibitors comprising of organic farmers, universities, schools, government and private sectors exhibiting their goods, information, research and workshops.

Highlights this year include talks from gurus such as Khun Jo Jundai of Panpan Organic Farm, Chiang Mai; Khun Nakorn Limpacuptathavon of Heart Core Organic group; Pra Maha Suparb of Nakum Forest Monastry, Kalasin province; and Khun Vitoon Panyakul of Green Net. Chef Tam, Chudaree Debhakam, the first winner of Top Chef Thailand, will be creating special dishes using organic ingredients from the festival and giving cooking tips to the audience using local ingredients. There will be an array of entertaining activities at the main stage as well as a knowledge sharing platform by exhibitors.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is the main sponsor of this event as organic agriculture movement is in line with TAT’s strategy to drive community tourism and gastro tourism. Tourism is a “tool” enabling consumers to meet farmers which in turn promotes a more sustainable food system. Consumers/tourists not only gain health benefits from organic food but also help farmers and save the environment at the same time. Other sponsors include Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Central Group, Mitr Phol Sugar Corp and Thai Health Promotion Foundation, all of which are key partners in driving organic agriculture in the Sampran Model.

The event is being held on 15th to 17th December from 9 am.- 5 pm. at Sampran Riverside, Nakorn Pathom without entrance fee. For more information, please contact us at 034-322588-93 or visit www.facebook.com/Sampranmodel