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Not all coconut oils are created equal. The quality of your coconut oil is important if you want to get all of the nutrients that it promises, especially if you use it daily. Coconut oil can be used for almost everything, from cooking, to moisturizing. This all-purpose household ingredient is a gift from mother nature. This is why we want to share with you how we make the purest and closest-to-nature organic cold-pressed coconut oil. After reading this article, you will learn how to differentiate between grades of coconut oils, and can pick which you would rather have in your life.

Mass Coconut Oil

Mass coconut oil is produced by drying coconut meat with high heat. The meat is usually not sanitary as it can be smoked by smoke drying, sun drying, or kiln drying and should not be consumed. The standard end product has to be refined, bleached and deodorized (which is done with high heat). The oil is then filtered through clays to remove impurities. Sodium Hydroxide is also added to prolong shelf life.

We don’t do any of this.

Our process

Organic coconuts are harvested by farmers from the Sookjai Foundation. Our oil is made the traditional cold-pressed method. Low heat is applied to the oil in the process, giving us the best organic cold-pressed coconut oil that you can ask for.

Separating our cold-pressed coconut oil by hand

We make our coconut oil in small batches and by hand. Here is our transparent process of making Patom’s virgin organic cold-pressed coconut oil.

  1. We order organic coconuts from the farmers of the Sookjai Foundation.
  2. Our team grates the coconut meat by hand and squeezes it to get pure coconut cream.
  3. We freeze the coconut cream and then leave it in the sun for 2-3 days. This process allows the oil and water to separate.
  4. The mixture is then passed through a cheesecloth to separate the oil from the solids. No chemicals are added because it is already stable for shelf life.
  5. Once separated, the coconut oil is bottled in our Patom lab.

What’s the difference from the two qualities of coconut oil?

  • Texture and consistency
  • Scent and taste
  • Nutritional value

Before and after separating the cold-pressed coconut oil.

What is coconut oil good for?

  • Reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, phospholipids, LDL and VLDL cholesterol levels
  • Lowesrs lipid levels in serum and tissues 
  • Lauric acid content is beneficial for attacking viruses, bacteria and pathogens. 

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