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We’re very excited to be at Wonderfruit this year, on the 14-17 December. If you’ll be attending this year, make sure to stop by at Patom’s Organic Bar!

At Patom’s Organic Bar, we will be offering 15 different traditional Thai herbal drinks ranging from natural elixirs to traditional Thai liquors. All of the organic ingredients used to make these mixes are grown by farmers from the Sookjai Foundation.

We are proud to present 6 organic Thai liquors that we have created for Wonderfruit this year. Originally made for medicinal purposes by farmers, yadong is the Thai moonshine that is popular for both its strong flavors and curing properties.

Traditionally, yadong was divided into drinks made for men and women. We are preserving this ancient practice and have created the “Glowing Goddess” for the girl who wants to improve her blood circulation to get that healthy aura. “Lover Boy” is our aphrodisiac for the lonely boys who are looking for a little inspiration. “Wonder Woman” was created for the girl looking for some energy and strength to get through raving all night, and “Raw of the Tiger” will help the boys party round-the-clock. Lastly, our “1962 Brew” is our signature yadong, which is infused with Pikul flower and was created to commemorate our founders’ vision.

Photo: Wonderfruit

Alcoholic drinks:

  1. Glowing Goddess
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Lover Boy
  4. Raw of the Tiger
  5. 1962 Brew
  6. Coconut Liquor

Our non-alcoholic drinks range from Vitamin C booster shots and hangover cures. We’ve got you covered for everything when you’re feeling under the weather.

Photo: Wonderfruit

Non-alcoholic drinks:

  1. Ginger & Mint
  2. Lemon and Honey
  3. Sugar Canes
  4. Tamarind Kombucha
  5. Lemongrass and Pandan Leaf
  6. Young Coconut

As for the architecture of our bar, the structure will resemble Patom’s flagship shop in Bangkok.

Patom’s Organic Bar will represent our philosophy on sustainability, organics, and traditional Thai wisdom.