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We take our coffee pretty seriously and source it straight from Chiang Dao, in the north of Thailand. The organic coffee trees are grown under natural shade in a lush and wild forest. Our foundation visited the coffee planters and took a walk deep into the woodlands and pass waterfalls. 

The organic coffee beans are handpicked and roasted in small batches by Mpresso. A company that we trust to uphold the quality of the coffee beans.

It took 3 years for the growers to switch from conventional methods, to become certified organic. The process was was closely monitored and supported by the Sookjai Foundation. Some rules that the farmers agreed to were: not using chemicals on their land, not having plastic on their plantation, and not burning any wood on their land.

Our medium to dark roast Arabica  organic coffee beans have notes of caramels, dark chocolate, and vanilla, which goes perfectly with Patom’s selection of desserts. We have a few special creations inspired by our coffee, like our Organic Affogato, which is made with organic coconut ice cream topped with a shot of espresso. Another favourite is our Organic Coconut Coffee made with hand squeezed coconut cream, and served with an organic morning glory straw.

Come and visit us at Patom 9am – 6pm (closed Mondays)
Tel : +66 2084 8649