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On a chilly December day, we found ourselves in Supanburi at Khun Yuthapong’s organic sugar cane field. We sipped on warm cups of a sticky rice drink as the Tubluang Organic Farmers’ Group talked amongst themselves.

Organic sugar canes growing on Khun Yuthapong’s farm

Every month, The Sookjai Foundation meets with the farmers that it works with to provide support and helpful advice. There are 11 groups of organic farmers within the foundation who are located in Nakorn Pathom and neighboring provinces.

The farmers meet once a month with the Sookjai Foundation

Khun Arrut, the founder of the Sookjai Foundation.

This January and February, we bring you the Tubluang Organic Farmers’ Group who grow the majority of the vegetables that we sell at Patom Organic Living. This group of farmers has been working with The Sookjai Foundation since 2009 and they have developed a strong relationship with each other.

The Tubluang Organic Farmers’ Group making lunch after the meeting

Conversations ranged from how to purify water that has been contaminated by surrounding conventional farms, to ideas on an organic salad bar. This is why the foundation meets regularly with the farmers, there are always new ideas to discuss.

The meetings always ends with a great lunch by the farmers. We enjoyed a hot bowl of pork noodle soup, and a selection of fresh vegetables, dips, and curries prepared by the farmers themselves.

Members from the Tubluang Farmers’ Group checking Khun Yuthapong’s farm

To find out what the Tubluang Farmers’ Group are growing this season, stop by Patom Organic Living.

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