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Khun Lampueng’s path from conventional to organic farming is the perfect example of how passion is the number one ingredient for a successful organic farmer. Her farm boasts an impressive variety of fruits and vegetables that are sold at Patom and the Sookjai Market at Sampran Riverside on weekends.

Khun Lampueng started her organic farm when she heard a professor from Mahidol University give a lecture on the benefits of organic farming. The talk inspired her to make changes to her own farm. She thought about how it would be beneficial for everyone if she grew food that was safe and healthy. This is the foundation of what drives her to keep growing organic food. Khun Lampueng still works tirelessly on her land, tending to each plant with love and care.

If you visit her farm, you will find Khun Lumpueng tending to her farm all day.

Khun Lampueng is a woman of few words, who takes her work as an organic farmer seriously. She is helped by her family, and occasionally her 2-year-old grandson.

Khun Lumpueng with her family at her organic farm.

The tranquil and well organized farm in Ratchaburi makes organic farming look effortless. Khun Lampueng tells us of the time when they first made the transition to organic farming 10 years ago. “We didn’t make profit for 3 years when we stopped using chemicals on our farm,” she said. This was also because Khun Lampueng wanted to sell her fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price. “Health is not just for the rich,” she told us.

Khun Lumpueng’s farm in Ratchaburi

Looking around her farm, it is evident that the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej had a lot of influence on Khun Lampueng. She has quotes from the late King at her “teaching hut” and always recites his majesty’s wisdom with visitors to the farm. “Living within one’s means,” are words that Khun Lampueng held close to her heart when she started farming organically.

3 years ago, Khun Lampueng joined the Sookjai Organics Farmers’ group in Ratchaburi, and today, her farm is IFOAM certified. Khun Lampueng and her family’s hard work has paid off. Compared to the other farmers in the Sookjai Foundation, Khun Lampueng and her family are quite adventurous when it comes to experimenting with growing new plants. They started growing organic chrysanthemum and sun drying the flowers to make tea all by themselves. They experiment with plants like passionfruit and tomatoes in their nursery before planting them in the farm.

The nursery is home to many exotic fruit and vegetable plants waiting to be planted in the farm.

In March and April 2018, we will be serving Khun Lampueng’s organic chrysanthemum tea and many more seasonal specialties at Patom Organic Living. If you are interested in visiting Khun Lampueng’s farm, visit their Facebook page here.