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A few months ago, we banned plastic straws from Patom.

We started using organic morning glory and bamboo straws instead. Although we saved around 5,000 plastic straws from going to the landfill a month, we still produced organic waste. We want to keep pushing for a zero-waste lifestyle so we opted for a “no straw” policy.

All of our cold drinks (apart from our coconut water) no longer come with straws. We understand that some of our customers still need straws, so we are charging 5 baht per natural straw. All of the proceeds will go straight to the farmers that we work with at the end of each year. For the month of March, we made 4,440 baht from our natural straws. This money will go to help farmers buy organic seeds, and continue to develop their organic farms. We will keep you posted on how the money is used at the end of the year.