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2018 is the year of many changes at Sampran Riverside. For the first time in 55 years, we set foot on untouched swamp land right across the river from our hotel, where our organic farm lies.

Lead by head gardener, Khun Pasin, our team ventured into knee-deep water, hopping from log, to water hyacinth, and finally into unavoidable mud. We had many stuck-in-the-mud moments; This is uncharted land afterall.

Khun Pasin, the head gardener running Patom Organic Farm

Our team on an unbeaten path

We made the journey into the wild for our new project: Patom Organic Farm.

You will be able to visit our farm yourself in September, when we will offer activities and experiences for you to enjoy the Patom organic and sustainable lifestyle in Nakhon Pathom.

The land has remained untouched for 55 years and it is hard to find virgin land like this in Nakhon Pathom today. We intend to keep it as raw as possible. Our team will work on conserving the untouched land by building a walkway in the least intrusive way we can to the ecosystem. This will allow you to see what the land has looked like for the past half a decade and preserve it for the years to come.

A view of the Ta Chine river from the farm

Our plan for Patom Organic Farm is for our guests to spend a day or weekend in our playground.

Meet our team of devoted organic farmers who grow all of the fruits and vegetables at Patom Organic Farm. Learn about the practices of organic farming, and the importance of caring for our nature and ecosystem.

When the tide is high, you can get to the farm by boat

Our farm will be family friendly, enjoy picking your own fruits and vegetables, play in our mud pit, and relax at our Patom Organic Bar. Snack on dishes that come straight from our farm to your plate. This is the closest-to-nature experience that we can offer to you.

Following the standards of the Sampran Model, Patom Organic Farm spans 10 acres of land. The farm is certified to IFOAM, EU, and Canada standards and provides organic material for Patom Organic Living. Our farm has been running and providing fresh and organic fruits and vegetables to Sampran Riverside for the past 10 years. We offer you an experience of the farm to Offering bring you closer to understanding the work that goes behind growing organic produce. This is why we have decided to develop the farm this year.

Stay posted for more information on opening dates, and information to book your visit for the Patom Organic Farm experience.