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This year Patom is working with the Sampran Model to bring Patom Organic Village to Wonderfruit 2018. The concept of Patom Organic Village will show you what we do in a smaller scale.

The goal of this is so you can understand the process and the journey that an ingredient goes through before it arrives at our shop.

  • Patom Organic Bar

Come and get drunk at our bar this year! We will have all of your favorite yadong from last year, and much more. We are also bringing back our popular Bamboo Shot Game! Get 5 of your friends together and pick up the bamboo bar and drink together. If you manage to drink without spilling, you’ll get one shot on us!

  • Natural Arts and Crafts

Paint and print with natural colors that we hand make with organic herbs and flowers. Traditionally, we use parts of plants to make art prints. Try making a stamp out of a banana stem!

  • Chocolate

Aimmika’s bean to bar philosophy gives us organic chocolate grown and produced in Thailand. Pure, vegan, and Thai. Patom works with Aimmika to support small farmers and to educate people about artisanal chocolate in Thailand. Come and meet the chocolate makers and taste their amazing products!

  • Eco Banana Bowls

We try to use all parts of the banana tree. Here, we use banana leaves and stick them together with banana flour to make sustainable plates.

  • Meet the Sampran Model Movement

The Sookjai Foundation follows the philosophy of the ‘Sampran Model’, which is a movement to support farmers to switch from conventional to organic farming practices, and find new marketing channels for them.

In the Sampran Model, we promote the direct relationship between farmers and the consumers. This means that farmers can decide what price they want to sell their produce at, and consumers can buy organics at a reasonable price.

  • Khanom Krok

Patom’s organic Khanom Krok comes from our traditional recipe passed down for generations. Our organic coconut and rice are sourced from Sampran Model farmers, and is made into coconut milk and organic rice flour at Patom Organic Village. Piping hot, creamy, and delicious, give our Khanom Krok a try!

  • Organic Farm VR experience

Our 360° brings you to the source of where all our ingredients come from! Visit the organic farms and take a walk with the farmers themselves. 



Looking forward to see all of you at Wonderfruit this year!