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Patom’s Organic Experience featuring Patom Organic Farm and Patom Organic Village

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We have always tried to make our brand transparent and traceable to our customers. In doing so, we are proud to present the official opening of Patom Organic Farm and Patom Organic Village. An experience in nature, where you will be able to take an adventurous trip around our organic farm and see how we process raw materials into the products you see at Patom Organic Living.

“An areal view of the trail of our organic farm”

Patom Organic Farm offers an experience for you to enjoy the organic and sustainable lifestyle in Nakhon Pathom. The journey begins at Suan Sampran, where our organic farm is just one boat-ride across the Ta-Chine river from our property.

  “Boat-ride from Suan Sampran to our organic farm.”

Following the standards of the Sampran Model, Patom Organic Farm spans across 10 acres of land. The farm is certified to IFOAM, EU, and Canada standards and provides organic raw material for Patom.

“Our IFOAM, EU and Canadian certified farm. We grow organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables that are used in our food and body care products.”

Learn about the practices of organic farming, and the importance of caring for nature and our ecosystem from our team of devoted organic farmers. The farmers  grow all of the fruits and vegetables at Patom Organic Farm and can tell you all about the importance of growing seasonally and organically.

” Our wormery expert explaining the importance of worms for soil to organic experiencers. “

“Our team of knowledgeable organic farmers”















Enjoy picking your own fruits and vegetables, play in our mud pit, and relax at our Patom Organic Bar. Our farm is family friendly!

“ Organic Farmer from the Sookjai Foundation helping customers pick fruits and vegetables ”

Patom Organic Village is where you can experience the traditional Thai way of life by learning about the journey of organic raw materials to Patom products.Explore the village through one of the three organic journeys and learn how traditional Thai products were made in the olden days.

  • Rice
  • Banana
  • Herbal


Immerse yourself in our concept of organic living by visiting Patom Organic Village and participating in our many hands-on workshops.


” Banana leaf weaving workshop at Patom Organic Village. “

” At Patom Organic Village we prepare everything in-house for our workshops. Here, we are preparing the leaves for the weaving workshop. “












” Naturally dyed and hand-made silk thread at Patom Organic Village. “

” Cloth weaving demonstration at Patom Organic Village “

Help us support organic farming in Thailand by experiencing it yourself!

                                          Visit  http://www.suansampran.com to book your trip today.