Patom Organic Café, Bangkok

Located in Thonglor neighborhood, our flagship café offers you a break from the busy streets of Bangkok.

Our shop is set in a lush garden and is made from glass and reclaimed wood. We have won a number of architectural awards for our shop’s design.

Patom Organic Living is just a small part of the big picture. At our shop, we bring together the hard work of organic farmers and the passion from our team to give you fair, honest, and high quality products. We are not just a cafe or a shop. We are a movement. All of our products have been created to help support our organic farmers.

We emphasize on traceability as all of our organic raw materials in our products can be traced back to Sampran Model organic farmers.

Patom Organic at Sindhorn Village

Newly opened in November 2019, our small outpost offers a full range of Patom products and traditional Thai delicacies. Open 7 days a week from 9:30 – 18:00

Patom Organic Café, Sampran

Our newest member of the Patom family is Patom Organic Café at Sampran. Located in Patom Organic Village, our café overlooks the organic learning grounds and production journey of our organic materials. You will also be surrounded by the village’s 50 years of history and tradition.

Only a few steps away from the café is the Sookjai Farmers Market, and just a short boat ride away is Patom Organic Farm. You can spend a day in our world and get to know all about what goes into making an organic product from start to finish.

Patom Organic Spa

Experience wellness at Patom Organic Spa, where we use organic coconut oil, scrubs, and herbs for holistic healing and relaxation.

We recommend our signature scent, the Mon Rose, which we use in our organic body care line.

The Mon Rose is the only type of rose that can grow organically in central Thailand. The National Innovation Agency (NIA) funded our research on how to grow Mon Roses and supported us to develop Mon Rose products such as our organic tea, and body care line.