Patom Organic Village

Our emphasis on traceability lead us to create Patom Organic Village, where you can follow the journey of raw materials from farm to product. Learn how we integrate traditional knowledge and local wisdom into our lifestyle brand.

Seasonal organic ingredients are either sourced from our farm or Sampran Model’s network of organic farmers. Walk in the footsteps of our crafters to understand the process of design and experience the organic Thai way of life.

At Patom, we care deeply about the impact on the environment. See how we recycle and up-cycle waste within the village, and learn about how we created our circular economy

Open everyday 10:00 – 16:00


At Patom Organic Village, we grow a variety of rice by rotating our crops. We grow Hom Pathum Rice, Jasmine Rice, sticky rice, and rice variety 403.

Planting rice organically means that there are no agricultural chemicals used in the entire process. There are no chemical fertilizers, growth regulators, pesticides, or weed control chemicals used. This also includes not using chemicals to prevent pests when storing the rice.

Our arts and crafts open-factory shows how we turn natural and organic materials into traditional arts. We offer workshops for you to understand the many uses of raw and natural ingredients.
In each station, you will find how we traditionally used these materials to create decorative arts, toys, and objects we use in our daily lives.

This is our open traditional Thai kitchen where we have cooking workshops for you to see how we turn raw organic ingredients into our traditional snacks.
You can try toasting your own herbal tea, scooping your own Khanom Krok, or grilling Khanom Kluay.
We created these interactive food workshops so that you can experience for yourself how to turn organic raw materials into delicious and fresh organic products.


Enjoy the 360° views of our village from our glass cafe. Take in the scenery with organic drinks and snacks made daily from ingredients sourced from our farm, and made by our bakery.

Thai Village Performance Stage
This is a showcase of our historic traditional Thai show that we performed here in the village from ___ until 2018.
What you see is the backdrop of our show where we performed traditional ceremonies, dances, music, and Muay Thai, to educate visitors about Thai culture.
We wanted to conserve our history with this display for you to see the changes that we have made over time.