Organic Products

“We believe that the process is just as important as
 the end product.”
From farm to products, we are involved in the entire process. Our team works with organic farmers to make organic food and body care products that are honest, responsible and traceable. All of the ingredients that we use can be traced back to our farm, or an organic farmer supported by the Sampran Model Movement.
Our organic farm is certified to IFOAM, EU, and Canadian standards and we grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs all-year-round. We work hard to produce natural and organic products that are SLS and Paraben free. All of our products are made in-house and in small batches by our Patom team.
私たちが使用しているすべての原料は私たちの農場へとトレースすることができ、オーガニック農場はSampran Model Movementのサポートを受けています。

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